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"One of the most fortunate things in my musical life was my opportunity to work with producer Jeff McCullough.

He is a producer that goes beyond the call of duty. He took my music to a deeper level with his creative abilities. His suggestions in every area of the songs promoted more and more creative ideas. I can say many things about him but if there is one thing that stands out and will forever influence me it's the fact that he gave me the 'hope of infinite possibilities' and clarity for the vision I had for my CD project..

With profound results from Jeff's artistic abilities, my dream and vision for this CD project, "Step Aside", was realized. In a very short period of time I had in my hand a CD of music I was proud of and represented my talent.
I value his wisdom and expertise way beyond his years and look forward to another project with him in the future."

Deborah Flores
Singer, Songwriter
San Diego, California

"Jeff McCullough is one of the most creative producers and mixing engineers that I've ever had the pleasure of working with."

Holland Davis
Songwriter, Author, Speaker and writer of "Let It Rise"
San Juan Capistrano, California

"The width, depth and scope of Jeff McCullough's musical and production output is quite staggering! I lived it first hand, From Jazz to Rock and Indie Alternative to Electronic Industrial Opuses! He does it all with equal accomplishment! When making music the journey is very important, but Jeff has his eye firmly on the end result! I said it before and I'll say it again! Thanks to you Jeff my Reach isn't as far beyond my grasp!"

Encinitas, California

"Jeff McCullough is more than an amazing engineer, producer, and musician. He's a creator, conductor, sonic architect and visionary."

Dominic Balli
Music Pastor, Reality Carpinteria, Recording Artist, Musician, Studio Owner, Producer,  Engineer
Carpenteria, California

"Jeff took the simple melodies I was capable of playing on the piano and turned them into the masterpieces I heard in my head. The first time Jeff showed me his magic, sitting down and playing the piece I had written exactly as I imagined it, I wept. Finally, someone was able to make my dream come true, the music production for my musical, including every genre of song from gospel to jazz and rock to Broadway orchestral. He's pure genius."

Eve R. Beutler
Rancho Santa Fe, California

"Jeff is one of those guys who is ready at any moment to drop his own agenda so that he can focus on yours.  No hint of a producers 'chip on the shoulder.'  He is not producing for himself but for the artist."

Eric Owyoung
Credential Records Recording Artist
Leader of Future of Forestry, previously Something Like Silas
Oceanside, California

"Jeff is an amazing individual who not only possesses the technical expertise required to produce a chart topping record, but he also has a keen artistic sense and an uncanny ability to immediately pick up on the vibe that the artist is going for."

Connor Fabiano
Pianist, Songwriter
San Diego California

"As the arranger and producer on our debut EP, "TAKING CHANCES", Jeff  brought a decidedly professional polish to Jon Jump's already amazing material. He, as a great producer should, brought out the best in my voice, provided his expertise in bringing together the best possible session musicians, laying down each song with finesse and style
while maintaining constant communication with Jon on his vision for his music, assisting in the design of our album cover as well as arranging a photographer, cutting our 1000 CD's and, in general, providing a completed project, from start to finish, and ALL for a competitive price."

Lead Vocalist of GUNNER JUMP
San Diego, CA

"Jeff McCullough is an incredibly gifted producer, arranger and musician. He knows all the tricks, has an amazing ear for mixing/mastering, as well as great creative ideas. He'll take your music to it's full potential."

Frederic Huddleston
Worship Leader, Songwriter
San Marcos, CA